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Danish designer Ole Wanscher possessed a unique ability to add a sculptural dimension to his furniture. Carl Hansen & Søn has added the 1951 Beak Chair to its collection alongside his elegant Colonial Series – you can now see examples of both of these beautiful chairs at our shop.


We are also running a special promotion on selected products in the Ole Wanscher range which runs until the 31st March. If you would like to know more why not drop into our showroom, email us at on phone 01224 467892.

OW124 Beak Chair Black Oak Sif93 Leather

OW124 Beak Chair Armrest detail, side view

OW124 Beak Chair Armrest detail, top view

OW149 Two Seat Sofa and Armchair with OW149 Footrest & OW449 Coffee Tables

OW150 Day Bed Soaped Oak Hallingdal 65-694 & OW2000 Egyptian Stool

OW124 Beak Chair Oak Oil Sif 95 Leather & OW150 Day Bed & OW449 Oak Oil

OW 149 Colonial Chair, OW149F Footstool Walnut, OW150 Day Bed & OW449 Table Oak Oil

OW124 Beak Chair Oak White Oil Molly 110



Carl Hansen & Son was established in 1908 and has been at the forefront of Danish modern design for more than sixty years, bringing expert craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail to the practical, timelessly stylish designs of Hans J Wegner, Frits Henningsen and Ole Wanscher. These collaborations have resulted in some of the most recognisable pieces of Scandinavian mid-century design: Wegner’s Wishbone and Shell Chairs, and Wanscher’s Colonial Chair. The rich heritage of this co-operation is revisited in the recent introductions of the colourful CH88 dining chair and the swooping, sculptural elegance of Henningsen’s Signature Chair.


CH24 Wishbone Chair / CH327 Table

CH07 Shell Chair / CH417 Tray Table

OW149 Colonial Chair / OW150 Day Bed

CH25 Chair / CH011 Coffee Table

FH429 Signature Chair

CH88 Chair


This is furniture intended for daily use, made with care and intelligence. To this day, many of the manufacturing processes are undertaken by hand. The Wegner-designed CH24 Wishbone Chair is a great example – it takes more than 100 manual operations to manufacture each chair and each seat takes a skilled  weaver about and hour to complete. This chair has been in continuous production since its introduction in 1950, a testimony to its enduring style, comfort and quality.



Carl Hansen offer stylish, comfortable and hard wearing furniture for lounge, dining, storage and home office solutions. Lounge chairs and sofas are available in a wide range of fabric and leather finishes. The striking floating form of the Shell Chair and the Dream Chair are marvels of furniture engineering and contrast with the classically Scandinavian CH25. The Oculus and Wing Chairs offer a restrained elegance, while the Heritage Chair draws its inspiration from 17th century British furniture. The sofa range offers mid-century elegance freely combinable with other lounge elements.


CH07 Shell Chair

Dream Chair TA001

CH25 Chair

CH468 Oculus Chair

CH445 Wing Chair

FH419 Heritage Chair

Colonial Chair & Sofa

CH163 Sofa

OW603 Sofa



Carl Hansen dining solutions are designed for contemporary living, offering elegance, comfort and flexibility. Tables are shaped to suit very different dining spaces: round, oval, softened, square or rectangular. You can seat from two to fourteen guests and many tables can adapt to differing requirements using dropped ends or extending leaves. Table tops are available in solid timber or laminate, with frames in steel or wood. These tables combine beautifully with a range of nine dining chair styles offering formality or playfulness, with wood,steel,leather, paper cord and colour options to suit your needs.

CH337 Table / CH20 Chairs

CH334 Table / CH29 Chairs

SH900 Table / MK99200 Folding Chairs

CH338 Table / CH24, CH29 & CH36 Chairs

CH327 Table / CH24 Chairs




Not content to rely on this magnificent catalogue of designs, the company is working with EOOS and Strand+Hvass – two of Europe’s finest contemporary design practices – who have embraced the legacy of the great designers who came before them, taking Carl Hansen & Son into the future by creating tomorrow’s classics.


E005 Chair

SH900 Extending Table