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We’re Aberdeen’s longest running Record Store Day partner and are getting geared up for the second of the #RSD20 drops which takes place on Saturday 26th September.

The format of the event will be very different from previous years for obvious reasons – your safety comes first so there will be no queue this year, instead you will be able to book a time slot to visit the shop USING THE FORM BELOW!. 

More details below but in the meantime have a look at the video and here’s the final stock list of stuff we will have on Saturday along with a few bits running late. 





The booking system for RSD time slots is to the right.

Bookings will go live at 6pm on 25th September (the evening before RSD). If you book before that your appointment will be cancelled.

You will be able to book a slot either on Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th September.

The system allows you to book a slot at 15 minute intervals. The system is set to accept one booking per email address. If you are coming with a friend make just one booking between you and email just one list.

The first booking made gets first dibs on the stock so the system will operate like a normal RSD queue in that respect. Once you have confirmed your booking you need to email us at with a list of the products you want with your booking slot time in the subject box (if you don’t do this you will only be able to purchase the remaining unreserved stock when you come to the shop) – this will allow us to let you know in advance what stock we will have for you and it will also speed things up in the shop so you stay as safe as possible.

The shop door will be locked once we reach capacity. If the shop is full or if you’re late for your booked slot please wait outside until we have capacity in the shop to serve you. Please respect social distancing when waiting outside and do not block the doorways of neighbouring flats or businesses.

When you’re in the shop you must wear a mask/face covering – if you haven’t brought one there will be masks available. Please also use the hand sanitiser and disposable gloves if you are browsing through the records.

If you have bought from us in the past few months and we’ve sent you an emailed invoice we can use this system (Stripe) to allow you to pay for your RSD purchases. Otherwise you can pay by card or cash in the shop.

If you have any questions or are having difficulty using the app just let me know – look forward to seeing you at the weekend 🙂