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Mater is a global pioneer creating beautifully designed durable modern furniture and lighting that is sustainable, eco-conscious and socially responsible. Lounge and dining furniture has a distinctive softly contemporary look. Leather, wood and aluminium are used in arresting combinations to provide texture – the Space Stool being a perfect example. The Trumpet Coatstand makes a witty storage statement. Bowl tables have a light, airy look while table lamps echo mid century style.

Many of the products may reveal a Danish heritage but Mater is truly a global product, employing Indian, US and European designers, and skilled craftsmen in Europe but also in India where Mater operates in conjunction with the Danish foreign ministry to ensure craftsmen are properly paid and undertake their labour in safe working conditions. Timbers used are FSC certified and in the case of the mango wood elements utilise trees whose productive life is over – once cut down, another tree is planted as a replacement.